Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance, provided through Nation Safe Drivers, is available to be purchased as an optional coverage with your North Star automobile policy.

Download the Roadside Assistance PDF for contact information to activate service if you have purchased this coverage.


Benefit Features…

1. 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance is available and includes:

Towing Service – Disabled vehicle may be towed to a destination of your choice up to 25 miles by an authorized towing service.

Tire Service – Replacement of a damaged tire with your inflated spare tire from mount to wheel.

Battery Service – Jump-start.

Delivery Service – Fuel and fluid delivery. Cost of materials delivered shall be paid for by the insured.

Mechanical First Aid – Service to enable your vehicle, excluding parts, to proceed under own power.

Locksmith Service – Lockout service. Will assist in gaining entry to the vehicle’s passenger compartment.

24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance is subject to a maximum limit of $150 for covered cars, pickups, vans, and SUVs ($300 for covered recreational trailers and motor homes) per disablement for all services combined. Limits apply for 72 hours.


2. Trip Interruption is provided with up to $100 a day for a maximum of three days for reasonable lodging and meal expenses in the event of collision or mechanical breakdown of covered vehicle. For coverage to apply, vehicle must be more than 100 miles from home and unable to be used for at least 24 hours.


3. Map Service provides specially prepared travel maps upon request.

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