Identity Fraud Expense Coverage & Expert Resolution Services

Identity Fraud Expense Coverage & Expert Resolution Services

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Luckily, your North Star Mutual (Homeowners, Mobile Homeowners, Farmowners, Combination Dwelling Owners and Farm Combination Package Policy) policy automatically includes Identity Fraud Expense Coverage as well as Identity Restoration Services, provided by CyberScout™, the premier expert resolution provider in the U.S. (condominium, renters, or farm insurance included; see policy endorsement for details).


North Star Mutual – Your Partner in Restoring Your Good Name

If your identity is stolen or a natural disaster destroys your confidential paperwork, trying to clean up the mess on your own can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Victims often don’t know how to resolve their crisis. That’s why North Star has brought highly experienced fraud resolution experts on board who will be by your side from start to finish—and even afterwards—to help ensure that your life gets completely back on track.

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All it takes is one phone call to receive the expert assistance you need in the event of an identity theft or the loss of your personal identification documents. Call 800-622-5230 to contact a CyberScout™ resolution specialist and they will do the rest. Identity theft victims receive Identity Fraud Expense Coverage and a fully inclusive and comprehensive Resolution Program:

  • $5,000 Identity Fraud Expense Coverage, with a $100 deductible per claim
  • Unlimited access to a resolution expert for you and your family via a toll-free number
  • Expert assistance in handling all documentation and phone calls needed to resolve your case
  • Systematic notification to credit bureaus, creditors, collection agencies, government agencies, and all relevant parties
  • Assistance filing a police report, completing a fraud victim affidavit and creating a comprehensive case file for investigative and claims handling purposes
  • One year of credit monitoring and fraud monitoring for victims
  • Proactive assistance for victims of wallet and handbag theft
  • Up-to-date information and educational resources on how to protect yourself against identity theft crime via North Star’s Identity Theft Educational website

In addition, victims of a natural disaster have access to:

  • Expert assistance, coordinating access to financial records and institution issues involving benefits, wages, etc.
  • Replacement of lost documents, emergency authentication, and more
  • Learn More about Identity Theft
  • North Star Mutual believes the best way to safeguard you and your family from identity thieves is to increase awareness of this growing crime. To learn more about protecting your identity, the latest scams, and helpful resources on identity theft, visit North Star Mutual’s Identity Theft Educational website.

Source: CyberScout™, formerly IDT911.

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